Super Seeds For Super Health


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Recently deemed ‘nutritional powerhouses’ by health experts, particularly due to their high protein content, seeds are becoming an absolute must when it comes to healthy eating. You can sprinkle them on salads and cereals to add zing, or grind and mix them in batter when baking desserts or savouries.

Here are the four super seeds that will add a nutrient-packed punch to your diet: Continue reading

Halloween Scares


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3rd box

Come October 31, dripping blood and spooning up eyeballs will top the Halloween trend in Pakistan. It can be as spooky as you – or your friends – can take without running screaming from the room although, come to think of it, that just may be the icing on the cake!

Sipping blood is not quite as horrific as it sounds; indulge in healthy, luscious, blood-red, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, but call it something Halloween specific – ‘witches’ brew’ or ‘wizard’s’ blood’ should do the trick. Serve it up with swizzle sticks topped with stars, moons, cats or anything spooky that, preferably, glows in the dark. Continue reading

Live Ergonomically


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A lot of brouhaha has been made about ‘good ergonomics’ at work, which constitute using a desk that is just the right height for you, along with an ortho chair. Yet, given that we all spend a substantial amount of time at home, household ergonomics are just as, if not more, important. Continue reading

Argan Oil: Liquid Gold


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If you are looking to add gloss to your hair, a glow to your skin, or improve your overall health, consider adding argan oil to your beauty and health regime. This is because, following extensive research, argan oil is being hailed as ‘liquid gold’ by naturopaths, cosmeticians and nutritionists, due its numerous health benefits.

For glossy hair, or to get rid of split ends, frizzy hair and dandruff, and to prevent hair loss, use shampoos that contain argan oil, or massage it directly into your scalp. The oil is also used as an active ingredient in many personal care products, ranging from face masks to scrubs and even shaving creams, because it contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which are vital for a glowing skin and glossy hair. Continue reading

Planning Your Winter Garden


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Winter GArden
Forward planning is all important in achieving the winter garden of your dreams and right now is the time to start.

Start off by topping up garden beds with plenty of old, well rotted, organic manure and/or organic compost, lightly mixing it in and breaking up any lumps before watering it thoroughly to encourage it to ‘settle’. Leave it to rest for a week or so and then get down to the enjoyable work of sowing seasonal seeds, remembering to pay careful attention to instructions on the packets.

Don’t restrict yourself to only one or two tried and tested varieties; let your imagination run riot and a spectacular garden can be the result! Continue reading

Manage Your Impression


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An advertisement I saw many years ago read: ‘I don’t know you, I don’t know your company and I don’t know your product. So, what are you trying to sell me?’ When you do not know the people you are with and they are unfamiliar with you, opinions and impressions are based on what is seen and heard.

While you cannot control all situational factors, here are the three things that you can control to make a good first impression:

1. Dress for the occasion. When choosing what to wear, consider the nature of the event – is it formal, semi-formal or casual? Opt for conservative attire if you are attending your organisation’s annual dinner, or a party thrown by your supervisor. If it is an office picnic, you may experiment with more flamboyant clothes, but remember, do not put on something too garish as these events are often used to determine if you are ‘suited’ to join the executive elite. Continue reading

Amin Jaffer Picks Untitled (2000) By Aisha Khalid


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Christies 21 sep image

Untitled (2000)
By Aisha Khalid
Gouache, tea wash and ink on card
Signed and dated ‘Aisha Khalid 2000’ (lower left)
Dimensions: 32.9 x 32.9 centimetres (13 x 13 inches)
Estimated price: $10,000-15,000
Price realised: $11,250

The early 21st century has brought the work of contemporary painters from Pakistan to the attention of curators and collectors worldwide. A particular appreciation has been drawn by a school of artists whose work is inspired by miniature painting, addressing issues relevant to the contemporary world. Continue reading

Yamini Metha Selects Lunar Alchemy (2003) By Jehangir Sabavala


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 Sabavala, Lunar Alchemy Lunar Alchemy (2003)
By Jehangir Sabavala (1922-2011)
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 105.4 x 74.9 centimetres (41.5 x 29.5 inches)
Estimated price: £120,000-180,000

Jehangir Sabavala’s masterpiece Lunar Alchemy is one of the highlights of our forthcoming Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art sale in London. Sabavala’s oeuvre is unlike that of any other Indian artists practising during the Modernist era. He is famous for skilfully blending academic, impressionist and cubist styles in his paintings. Continue reading

Recruitment Process Outsourcing


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Careers.jpg 19 oct

As an HR manager in today’s talent-driven economy, you are constantly challenged to acquire and manage talent to fill vacancies in a business niche, or positions requiring a ‘mix’ of skills. You may be frustrated by not being able to get the ‘right’ talent on board, or find yourself bogged down by recruitment costs, often considered ‘avoidable overheads’ by executive management.

An optimal solution to overcoming your hiring challenges is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – a practice gaining traction globally and within Pakistan – whereby you can transfer all or part of your organisation’s recruitment functions to recruiting specialists. Continue reading

Royal Gardens Housing Scheme, Sialkot


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Royal Garden

Overview: Located on Airport Road, Royal Gardens Housing Scheme is a well planned residential area that was established in 2008. Approximately five percent is built-up; property is in reasonable demand. 

What is nearby: BHU Dhanawali Hospital and Delta Air Wing are a minute’s drive away. 

Boundaries:  Sialkot International Airport (north), Garden Town (east), Chak Jainta (south) and Sialkot International Airport (west).  Continue reading


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