Chand Raat In Karachi

Mouth-watering food options at Khadda Market

Mouth-watering food options at Khadda Market

With Eid a few days away, here are three must-visit spots in Karachi to enjoy chand raat festivities: Khadda Market, Bahadurabad and Meena Bazaar.

Food And Beauty At Khadda Market

The Eid take… Located off Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Khadda Market, boasts of countless salons ideal for those facials and mani-pedis that have become a must do before Eid. The Market also offers wide ranging culinary delights – think spicy chana papri, steaming biryani, grilled chicken, mouth-watering pancakes and sizzling steaks. TV addicts can also stock up on the latest DVDs for the holidays. Continue reading

Eid Reflections


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CareersEid_MubarakD1In case you are in the midst of figuring out what to do over the Eid holidays, this is the perfect time to think about how you can incorporate the habits that characterise Ramazan (focus, generosity and reflection) into your work life after the month is over, and thereby improve the quality of your work, productivity and overall outlook.

Focus and discipline. Reduced office hours make people more focused and disciplined and therefore more efficient; they adapt themselves to a new work rhythm by prioritising important projects and keeping meetings short and to the point due to paucity of time. In short, they manage their time better. Therefore, if you are able to sustain the same level of focus after Ramazan is over, you will end up being far more productive. Continue reading

Fashion In The Fast Lane


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AdBuzz LeadEid_MubarakD1Although cars have long been labelled the ultimate toys for boys, several high-end car makers have recently launched limited edition handbags that have become all the rage with women looking to make a strong fashion statement.

British luxury carmaker Bentley has launched a leather handbag collection in 12 shades, matching the car marquee’s signature colour palette, from vibrant ‘Dragon’ (red) to soothing ‘Cumbrian’ (green), thereby taking the brand experience off the roads and on to the arms of well-heeled women.

Priced between $5,500 and 7,000, the collection consists of two distinct styles. The square, two-toned Barnato, which comes with quilted interiors and split side panels, reflects the sculpted curvature of the car body. Then there is the rounded Continental, designed in the image of Bentley’s famous model of the same name.

Not to be overtaken, Mercedes-Benz launched its accessories range called Burnout Bags, (priced between $1,300 and 1,500) combining Mercedes’ innovative engineering and resplendently luxurious leather. Continue reading

Sweet Treats For Eid


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3rdEid_MubarakD1Eid is around the corner and it is time to start thinking about which desserts will grace your trolley on the big day. Besides the traditional sheer khurma, why not add a few Western style cakes and pastries to ensure that your guests enjoy the best of east and west?

Here are some easy desserts for Eid:

Sheet cakes are all the rage right now, simply because they are so easy to make. Use your favourite cake recipe or buy a boxed mix and bake it in a rectangular (9 x 13 inch or larger) pan. Once the cake has cooled, slather on pre- or home-made frosting and decorate with fresh fruit, your favourite candy, biscuits or sprinkles. The options are endless. Continue reading

Living The High Life


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A house in Satellite Town

A house in Satellite Town

A suburban neighbourhood of Rawalpindi, Satellite Town is one of the city’s oldest residential areas, easily accessible via Saidpur and Murree Roads.

A serene neighbourhood… Home to affluent diplomats and expatriates, Satellite Town is one of Rawalpindi’s most coveted neighbourhoods, with wide, tree-lined roads and large houses with perfectly manicured lawns. A significant number of these houses, especially those located along main thoroughfares, are increasingly being used for commercial purposes. Residents have access to amenities such as banks, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, mosques, parks and salons. Continue reading

The Super Cider


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health 2


Nutritionists in Pakistan are recommending that people add apple cider vinegar to their diets in Ramazan, as recent research studies indicate that apple cider concoctions (see Nutrition Table) provide a host of health benefits.

These include:

Prevents cramps. Rich in enzymes and amino acids, apple cider vinegar prevents the buildup of lactic acid in the body, which cause muscle fatigue and cramps.

Reduces blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar contains potassium, which, due to its blood-thinning properties, regulates blood pressure and is also believed to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Continue reading

Appearances Can Be Deceptive!


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AdBuzz LeadCars with extra trimmings are a common feature on our roads. But as it turns out, several car accessories make no substantial impact on a car’s performance, while some actually compromise it; these include:

Body kits look impressive; they consist of fibreglass pieces that are attached under the front and rear bumper, as well as along the sides and under the doors. Body kits restrict air flowing under the car and therefore improve stability. However, they only work at speeds in excess of city speed limits, frequently scraping and breaking when you encounter speed breakers.

Chromed, large-diameter exhaust pipes add bling to your car and generate excessive revving sounds, making you believe that your car is a speed demon, but in reality they do not improve your car’s acceleration rate or speed. In fact, they frequently reduce the pressure in the car’s exhaust system, which results in the engine losing power (making it slower), all the while contributing to noise pollution.

High intensity discharge headlights provide better visibility; they are usually installed on high-speed touring cars that are driven along motorways with greater speed limits than city roads. As it turns out, their installation, and use, is illegal in Pakistan, because they pose a hindrance to oncoming traffic with their blinding glare. Continue reading

Yamini Mehta Picks Le Pont Japonais By Claude Monet


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9139 lot 28 Monet, Le pont japonaiseLe Pont Japonais (1918-1924)
By Claude Monet
Property of a private
European collector
Oil on canvas
Stamped with Monet’s
signature (lower right)
Dimensions: 35.5 x 45.75 inches (90 x 116.3 centimetres)
Estimated price: $12-18 million

It is a privilege to have a painting by Claude Monet, one of the greatest Impressionist artists, at Sotheby’s. We are auctioning Monet’s spectacular Le Pont Japonais, in the Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale in New York on May 7. Set in the garden in Giverny, this picture, which is one of a series of 25 completed between 1918 and 1924, was painted during Monet’s artistic return to the Japanese Bridge – the previous series of 18 pieces inspired by the bridge was painted in 1899. Continue reading

Naz Town, Lahore


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Naz TownOverview: Established in 1986, Naz Town is located on Valencia Main Boulevard. Approximately 50% is built-up; property is in reasonable demand.

What is nearby: Misber College and The University of Lahore are a five-minute drive away.

Boundaries: UET Housing Society (north), Audit & Accounts Housing Society (east) and Valencia Town (south and west).

Available utilities include: Electricity, gas, sewerage, telephones and water. Continue reading

Let’s Rock!


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Real LeadThinking about new ways of landscaping your garden? Then consider doing so with stones and rocks to create a stunning effect.

A garden artistically designed with stones does not require any watering whatsoever (although cacti do add to the effect). Stones should be carefully selected for their shape, size, colour and overall tactile beauty, then laid out in simple or complicated designs, left ‘free’ or cemented firmly into position to create powerful front gardens for houses, apartment blocks, groundfloor office buildings or used to dramatically magnificent effect along main entrances. Continue reading


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