School Books At Urdu Bazaar


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The iconic Radio Pakistan building near Urdu Bazaar

The iconic Radio Pakistan building near Urdu Bazaar

Urdu Bazaar Located near the iconic Radio Pakistan building and accessible via MA Jinnah Road, Urdu Bazaar began life as a cluster of bookstalls in the early 1950s. Over the decades it has morphed into the largest wholesale market for books in Karachi. Continue reading

Building A Service Culture


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Building a service culture

In his book, Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You Meet (2012), Ron Kaufman maps the steps that need to be taken by organisations to build the self-sustaining service culture necessary to rise above the competition. This is extremely important for all professionals, because, according to Kaufman, all departments within an organisation should ideally be ‘service oriented’ – since they all provide services.

Kaufman highlights two issues (which are particularly relevant in the Pakistan context) that are preventing the delivery of superior and uplifting service by departments and consequently compromising employee productivity. Continue reading

F-11 Markaz, Islamabad


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F 11Overview: F-11 Markaz is the primary commercial area of Sector F-11; it is located near the Margalla Hills and Nazimuddin Road. Approximately 70% is built-up; property is in high demand.

What is nearby: Karachi Company is a 10-minute drive away.

Boundaries: Margalla Hills (north),Sector F-10 (east), Sector G-11(south) and Sector F-11 (west).

Total area: Approximately 125,000 square yards. Continue reading

Amin Jaffer Selects A Three-Rotor ENIGMA Cipher Machine


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EnigmaA Three-Rotor ENIGMA Cipher Machine
Circa 1939
Dimensions: 34 x 28 x 15 centimetres (13.25 x 11 x 6 inches)
Estimated price: £40,000-60,000

I wrote a few weeks ago about a door that is coming up for sale – not just an ordinary door but the front door of Paul McCartney’s childhood home in Liverpool. It is part of a strange and wonderful sale we are having for the second time in London and if you are in the city between now and September 4, please visit our space in South Kensington to have a look.

This week I want to focus on another interesting lot in this same auction – a three-rotor ENIGMA cipher machine, the standard German electronic ciphering machine widely used in World War II. It was employed by the Nazis to code secret messages which enabled them to communicate without being detected.  Continue reading

Evolving School Design


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Evolving School Design

Over the years, the design of school buildings in Pakistan has evolved to incorporate new elements and amenities in order to accommodate the use of technology as well as more effective security measures.

Continue reading

Raising A ‘Smart’ Generation


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Smart Generation ColourResearch conducted by the Office of Educational Technology in Washington, DC over the course of the last three years has revealed that the use of learning-based software (which can be accessed on computers and devices such as tablets) among children aged between one and eight results in several benefits.
They include:

Improved motor skills. Pressing keys and handling a mouse helps develop motor skills and eye-hand coordination among children, which are essential for most physical activities ranging from sports to driving. Furthermore, using levers and switches and witnessing the outcome of their ‘actions’, sparks curiosity and instils confidence among children when rewarded with flashing lights and animated characters. Continue reading

The Social Learning Theory


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?????The Social Learning Theory proposed by Albert Bandura in the late 1970s, has become perhaps the most influential theory of learning and development. While rooted in many of the basic concepts of the traditional learning theory, Bandura believed that direct reinforcement could not account for all types of learning. He said that most learning occurs within a social context, and human behaviour is learned not only through our own experiences, but also by observing other people’s actions and the benefits that follow. Continue reading

School Bus Safety


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School Bus AdBuzz LeadA significant number of children go to school in buses, coasters and high-roofs, and their commute is serious cause for concern for their parents, especially in light of the fact that several vehicles have recently met with accidents.

As a result, the Sindh Transport Authority has formulated a Bill consisting of laws pertaining to safety in these vehicles in May. The Bill will complement the Motor Vehicle Ordinance of 1969 which is currently in effect but does not have specific clauses regarding safe transport for school children.

The Bill’s summary was approved recently but the Bill has not gone into effect yet; the laws within it are in line with internationally accepted safety standards and should ideally be implemented across Pakistan. Continue reading

Three Essential HR Roles


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CareersIn his book Human Resource Champions (1991) Dr David Ulrich, management coach and author, wrote about the need for HR professionals to step out of their traditional record-keeping roles if they want to become key players in organisations and drive business success through the strategic use of the workforce. To do so, HR practitioners in Pakistan should acquire skills that can enable them to assume the following three roles if their departments are to be relevant and influential.

The strategic positioner. Before asking for a seat at the executive table, HR professionals must redefine their role – from being the organisation’s administrative arm to becoming its strategic partner, able to manage its key asset – the human capital. This entails redesigning the recruitment, training and development, retention, performance evaluation and succession planning policies as well as work systems to ensure that employees are equipped with the skills required for implementing action plans despite budgetary restrictions and tight deadlines. Continue reading

Speaking Naturally


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Speaking NaturallyAn increasing number of people across Pakistan are opting for naturopathy – an ancient healing practice which relies on natural elements such as sunlight, air and water – supplemented with organic diets to ease chronic ailments.

This shift from allopathy to naturopathy is primarily because people are choosing to avoid chemical-based treatments due to their adverse and long-term side effects, and the fact that even the most highly qualified medical practitioners and breakthrough treatments are often insufficient in fully restoring health. Furthermore, and this is extremely relevant to those struggling to make ends meet, they are also turning to naturopathic treatment as a cash-saving necessity. Continue reading


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