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Once upon a time, lawn was a just a regular summer fabric worn in an attempt to beat the heat of the long Pakistani summer. Now, it is a fashion statement and the highlight of the summer for most women, as they throng to lawn exhibitions even before the season begins.

This year, if you want to personalise and glamorise your lawn outfits, here are some ideas on how to do it:

  • Brooches and buttons add instant zing to lawn, giving it a formal touch. Large crystal, diamante and pearl brooches are bold statements. Or, if you prefer subtle sparkle, opt for small buttons; anthropomorphic designs are very trendy.
  • Embroidered motifs can make lawn appear more formal. Although many designer lawns come with a motif, you can opt for personalised ones; they are available at lace shops.
  • Lace can do wonders even to the simplest outfits. From faux crochet to brocade, from embroidered to sequined, from geometric to floral patterns, from Indian, Chinese to Pakistani, options are endless. Lace comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from wide to narrow, so be prepared to spend a good part of your day at the lace wala.
  • Net can be used to fulfil the shortfall of the 7.5 metre lawn outfits  which sometimes don’t allow for longer kameezes. Furthermore, net will give your outfits a retro look.
  • Silk borders lend a luxurious feel to lawn outfits. Floral and geometric screen printed silk/satin borders and plain ones are available. Recycle left over silk from your other suits, and use them for borders and piping.

– Ayesha Akif

First published in the Adbuzzzz  Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on April 29, 2012.