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As the summer sets in, the demand for holiday homes across Pakistan increases. According to real estate experts, three categories of holiday homes are gaining traction in Pakistan: chalets, farmhouses and seaside bungalows (beach huts). Chalets and farmhouses can be found in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, while huts are only available along the coastlines, primarily in Karachi, Gwadar and Ormara. They can be purchased or rented, and are available furnished or unfurnished.

1. Chalets are usually located within city limits, on the scenic grounds of private clubs. They usually have up to two bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a kitchenette and can accommodate between two and four people. Facilities include private swimming pools and Jacuzzis. Plot sizes: 100-250 sq yds. Purchase price: Rs 4.5-13 million (Karachi); Rs 4.4-12 million (Lahore); 5-15 million (Islamabad). Daily rental: Rs 1,500-20,000 (Karachi); Rs 2,500-17,000 (Lahore); 2,000-30,000 (Islamabad).

2. Farmhouses are usually located on city outskirts and are built on large plots. They generally comprise four to six bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. They can accommodate between eight and 10 people. Modern farmhouses provide facilities such as cable TV, internet access, and swimming pools. Farmhouse communities also offer nature-based recreational activities such as hiking, horse riding and fruit picking. Plot sizes: 1,000-10,000 sq yds. Purchase price: Rs 4-75 million (Karachi); Rs 5-100 million (Lahore); 7-80 million (Islamabad). Daily rental: Rs 4,200-30,000 (Karachi); Rs 4,000-37,000 (Lahore); Rs 3,500-32,000 (Islamabad).

3. Beach Huts are located along the coast and range from basic ‘huts’ built on small plots on busy public beaches to luxurious villas located on comparatively secluded beaches. Luxury beach huts can usually accommodate up to 10 people and comprise up to four bedrooms and bathrooms, swimming pools and a kitchen. Plot sizes: 180-245 sq yds. Purchase price: Rs 2.5-9 million (Karachi); Rs 2-3.5 million (Gwadar and Ormara). Daily rental: Rs 1,000-30,000 (Karachi); Rs 1,000-8,000 (Gwadar and Ormara).

– Syed Wajeeh-ul-Hassan Naqvi
Information provided by Eternal Real Estate.

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on May 6, 2012