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Mums are extra special people every single day of the year. We might not always appreciate them, might argue with or occasionally resent them, but underneath it all – Mum is the one we all depend on and love, and this is where making the most of Mother’s Day comes in.

Expressing your love with flowers is a great way to brighten up this special day as all Mums, irrespective of age, are delighted to be presented with a gorgeous, preferably perfumed, bouquet of fresh flowers, and at this time of year there are lots of choices; as always, roses and gladioli being at the top of the ‘preferred’ list. Although on the expensive side, stunning lilies and exotic orchids are other options as, provided that stems are trimmed daily and water changed too, they can be very long lasting if their vase is located out of direct sunlight and in a ‘cool’ area of the room.

Pot plants are another great Mother’s Day gift but finding something bright, cheerful and in bloom can be a bit problematic, so it can be simpler to opt for an attractive foliage plant in a pot. Crotons are a good choice or, if your Mum has a garden, then a flowering shrub for outdoors is another great idea.

Then of course there is a fantastic array of artificial flowers and flower arrangements in the market these days, with the silk ones being especially wonderful. These can be purchased singly and made up into bouquets of your own choice and design, in readymade bouquets, artfully arranged in vases, baskets and other containers or even in the form of wall hangings and other highly ornamental arrangements.

Whatever your budget, fresh flowers, pot plants, garden plants or artificial arrangements of spectacular hue are the perfect way to say, “Mum – I really do love you.”

– B Khan

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on May 13, 2012