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It is often said that raising a family means sacrificing style for practicality, but carmakers such as Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini are challenging this viewpoint. With their new line of luxury SUVs, these companies are catering to mothers who want the prestige of a high-end name along with the comforts of a family vehicle.

Bentley’s EXP 9F, which was unveiled earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, is spacious enough to accommodate up to six people. It is equipped with built-in iPads for each passenger, a picnic hamper containing silver cutlery and Lalique glasses and umbrellas (in case of rain). It is an ideal vehicle to take your winning team of young champions to a picnic in style – assuming you have over $180,000 to splurge.

Similarly, Ferrari’s FF (which stands for ‘four-seats, four-wheel drive’) was unveiled late last year. Although it doesn’t have any built-in picnic tables, this hatchback, positioned as a ‘family car’ for soccer-moms, can accommodate up to five people – three more than the typical two that Ferrari is known for. The cost? $300,000.

Not staying behind in the quest for capturing the hearts of soccer moms, Lamborghini introduced the Urus last month at the Beijing Motor Show – its first SUV in two decades. Dubbed the “ultimate Soccer Mom Mobile”, this compact SUV features a spacious cabin with carbon-fibre interiors, multiple touch screen display panels and sleek exteriors. The price has not been decided yet but it is expected be at least $200,000.

In Pakistan, there are plenty of driving options for soccer-moms. Since a Prado may be considered too masculine, mothers without budgetary restrictions can consider the BMW X5 (9.8 million), the Mercedes-Benz GL (six million rupees) or a Range Rover (eight million rupees), all of which can certainly meet any soccer mom’s standards of spaciousness, security, comfort – and luxury.

‘Cheaper’ alternatives include the Suzuki Jimny (two million rupees) and the Daihatsu Terios (Rs 2.8 million). The Pajero Mini, which is available in Pakistan in the refurbished form, costs Rs 700,000.

NB: All prices are approximate.

– Sophia Ahmed

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on May 13, 2012.