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A picnic under a tree (left)
Purple shower (right)
(Photos: Malika Abbas/White Star)

If you live in Karachi and have not planned anything for Mother’s Day, try this: Head out to Hilal Park with your mum. Pack a picnic basket, find a shady spot and treat her to a pleasant Mother’s Day picnic in one of Karachi’s most charming parks.

The quintessential neighbourhood park… Hilal Park is tucked away amidst the shady streets and stylish homes of Phase VI, one Karachi’s most affluent residential areas. Not particularly large, it is spread over a modest 4.54 acres; but what it lacks in space, it makes up for in serenity and creative landscaping. It is the quintessential neighbourhood park – safe and secure and where you will see many familiar faces.

Brick paths lined with topiaries (Photo: Malika Abbas/White Star)

Charming landscaping… Flanked by a community mosque on one side and the Karachi residence of the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi on the other, Hilal Park stretches over a hillock. The landscape design, which makes exceptional use of the topography, is the highlight of the Park. A brick path, edged with immaculately pruned topiaries weaves through well-maintained, exotically shaped flower beds, up a hill, and over culverts and wooden bridges that span over the narrow ravines in the rock formations.

A water feature… On the hill is an artificial waterfall that spills into a basin within the rock formation. This water feature (when operating) is a pleasant attraction especially on sultry summer evenings when the gushing sound and fine spray of mist create a cool, soothing effect.

A park for serious walkers and joggers (Photo: Malika Abbas/White Star)

Leisurely strolls in cool breezes… The Park is primarily frequented by DHA residents; regular visitors also include a fair number of serious walkers and joggers. However, most people go there to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the fresh air, greenery and the landscaping.

Play dates and more… The Park’s safe location, security and smaller crowds have made it a favourite with mothers and their young children. On any given evening there are several play dates in session; kids rollerblade, play a variety of ball games, or they just run around.

In a nutshell… If you want to entertain your family, take a walk, enjoy open green spaces and fresh air, or need some time for quiet reflection, Hilal Park is the place to be.

– Leila Mahfooz Barry
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First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on May 13, 2012.