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La Corne D’or, Les Minarets (1907)
By Paul Signac
Oil on canvas
Size: 89 x 116.3 centimetres (35 x 45.75 inches)
Estimated price: £4-6 million
Price realised: £6,201,250

Paul Signac (1863-1935), the French neo-impressionist painter, is well-known for his masterful compositions, rich pictorial rhythm and signature brushwork that produced dazzling opalescent work, such as La Corne D’or, Les Minarets.

This painting belongs to an important series of 12 paintings depicting Constantinople (Istanbul), across the Golden Horn estuary. From the same series, La Corne D’Or, Constantinople (1907) was sold at Christie’s London in February 2012 for £8.7 million, becoming the second highest price for the artist at auction.

The present work has been in a private collection for over 80 years. It is a very accomplished example of Signac’s mature style, having moved on from meticulous Pointillism, inspired by Seurat, towards a focus on chromatic brilliance and a sense of overall harmony; the rich romanticism of such works captivated Signac’s artistic counterparts, such as the renowned designer and architect Le Corbusier.