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The recently developed town, Bhara Kahu, is located on Murree Road. This scenic town, which affords some excellent views of the Murree Hills, is just a 15-minute drive from Islamabad’s Zero Point, thanks to the recent construction the Murree Expressway. It is therefore considered a suburb of Islamabad. However, property prices in Bhara Kahu are significantly lower than in Islamabad.

These factors have led to people from across Pakistan to purchase property in Bhara Kahu, especially those who want to build holiday homes there. Currently, 70% of the land is vacant while 30% is built up; developments so far include farmhouses, summer houses, houses, small residential enclaves as well as apartment complexes.
Bhara Kahu has basic amenities in place, including small commercial pockets, mosques and schools; however, the infrastructure needs upgrading in terms of roads, electricity and water supply.

The town has a fairly developed commercial area along the Simly Dam Road and while you won’t find any high-rise buildings, the shopping and services available there are adequate due to the presence of several grocery stores, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, small private hospitals and clinics.

The following is the pricing structure (in rupees) of property in Bhara Kahu:



Size (sq yds) Purchase price
150 1-2 million
210 1.5-3 million
300 2-4 million
600 3-5 million




  Purchase price Monthly rental
Size (sq yds)   Houses Portions
150 3-4 million 5,000-8,000 3,000-5,000
210 4-6 million 8,000-14,000 5,000-8,000
300 6-10 million 20,000-25,000 10,000-14,000
600 10-18 million 30,000-45,000 15,000-20,000



Covered area (sq yds) Purchase price Monthly rental
70 2-2.7 million 5,000-6,000
100 2.5-3.5 million 5,000-8,000

– Syed Wajeeh-ul-Hassan Naqvi
Information provided by Taimoor Khan, Tariq Khan and Sons.

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on June 24, 2012.