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Spider-Man is set to make a comeback to the big screen later this month with a new movie called The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Although Spider-Man uses his fantastic web-shooters to sling from building to building, there was a time when he once drove a car called the Spider Mobile. This was in 1974 in The Amazing Spider-Man #130 comic book when a fictional car company, Corona Motors (a take on Toyota’s popular Corona model), approached Spider-Man to endorse their latest product – the Corona Engine which was the first of its kind with zero carbon emissions; the writers were clearly proponents of the forthcoming Green Revolution.

Spider-Man agreed to endorse the product, primarily because his landlord was threatening to evict him from his apartment if he didn’t pay his overdue rent. The contract required Spidey to build the car himself, which he did with the help of Johnny Storm (the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four). The result was a super fast buggy-style automobile equipped with web-shooters (similar to those in his suit), a Spider-Signal spotlight (similar to Batman’s) and ejection seats (in case he needed to escape). Best of all, the car could become invisible by the mere touch of a button!

Unfortunately, Spider-Man proved to be a rash driver and had half of New York’s police force chasing him for violating traffic rules. Exasperated, Spidey dumped the car into the Hudson River.

However, this was not the end of the car. The evil Tinkerer fished the car out of the river and modified it to drive on walls and shoot gas bombs. In true superhero spirit Spider-Man fought a fierce battle to retrieve the vehicle and it was then donated to the Smithsonian Museum. Later, the superhero Hawkeye – an Avenger – bought the car and customised it.

As for Spider-Man, he has been web-slinging happily since he bid good riddance to his car.

– Agha Ali Raza

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser