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Fauteuil à Tête De Lioness
By Diego Giacometti (1902-1985)
An Interior by Françoise De Pfyffer
Size: 81 x 57 x 53 centimetres (31 x 22.25 x 21 inches)
Estimated Price: £40,000-60,000

Françoise De Pfyffer has had a prestigious career spanning three decades as a charismatic and glamorous decorator and designer. Paralelle, the gallery she opened in 1975, represented artists such as Bacon, César and Hockney.

During this early period, the renowned decorator, Nicky Haslam, was a great friend and supporter, as was Heinz Berggruen, the internationally revered art dealer and collector. Her modern style and knowledge of contemporary art gained her widespread recognition and her expertise evolved into interior decoration, including that of Berggruen’s apartment in Geneva and house in Gstaad which she decorated.

Berggruen introduced Françoise De Pfyffer to many artists, one of them being Diego Giacometti. This striking chair by Giacometti illustrates the way the artist combined the world of sculpture and furniture design into one homogenous whole. Brought to life by Giacometti’s unique imagination, it is his sense of proportion which results in the success of these meticulously executed elegant lion heads. His beautiful and useful objects compliment Françoise De Pfyffer’s projects in which art plays an important role – providing structure and meaning to the decorative mise-en-scene.

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on July 8, 2012.