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The sprawling dining decks at the strip have amazing views of the sea (Photo: Tahir Jamal/White Star)

Drive down Seaview Road, past McDonald’s, the Village and the Emaar construction sites, deep into Phase VIII and you will be greeted by nearly a dozen restaurants clustering near the edge of the sea. This area is either known as Savor, (thanks to a popular restaurant that has since moved closer to the DHA Golf Club further down the road), Rockside or Do Darya; but no matter what you call it, this restaurant strip is the place to be this Ramazan.

Like Robinson Crusoe…The strip is so close to the sea, and so far into DHA Phase VIII, that it is easy to forget you are in Karachi. All the restaurants feature a similar ambience – bamboo chairs, thatched roofs and short wooden fences separating the dining decks from the sea. If you are lucky you might even get to watch fisher folk in their boats, blaring loud ethnic music, as they pass by. In such idyllic settings, it might not seem as awami as you think.

The menus feature fresh seafood (Tahir Jamal/White Star)

Food from across the globe… With its proximity to the sea, seafood should have been the area’s claim to fame. Instead, you will find the menus featuring a variety of food from across the globe; for example Afghani tikka, Bihari kabab or Dhaka chicken at Sajjad, the Singaporean rice and Bombay biryani at Desi Hut, or burgers, pasta and fusion dishes at Kolachi.

Take a stroll… If you are up to it, take a stroll to where the rocks meet the sea. The light from the restaurants illuminates the water in a way that makes a stroll turn into a trip akin to a psychedelic fantasy. Or venture out down the road to the park in front of the DHA Golf Club where families gather to enjoy the cool breeze.

Dinner and a movie… If you aren’t too worn out with the post-iftari drop in blood pressure levels, then the Cineplex is a short drive away, where you can catch a movie after iftar or dinner.

In a nutshell… A view of the sea, comfortable seating under open skies and the scent of mouth-watering food wafting through the air make the Phase VIII restaurant strip a favourite spot this Ramazan to chow down and chill out at iftar – and afterwards.

– Shayan Shakeel
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