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Plenty To Choose From (Photo: Hafsah Sarfraz)

While Islamabad’s sophisticated clientele may turn up their noses at bargaining and haggling at most shopping venues, it is generally acceptable to do so at the F-6 Markaz, which is more popularly known as simply Super Market.

One of the capital city’s older and larger shopping districts, the Market is an eclectic mix of old, established shops and newer, trendier hot spots, as well as several international food chains. With all this, and more, it provides its visitors with plenty of bargains, whether they are looking for fabric, flowers, books or handicrafts.

Bargain books (Photo: Hafsah Sarfraz)

If reading is your thing then this is a must-visit market because you can buy just about any title in any genre at the many bookshops at the Market; veteran booksellers such as Mr Books can source any title they don’t have in stock, while the smaller bookshops and used book stores will provide you with impressive collections to choose from.

Hanging out over cups of tea (Photo: Hafsah Sarfraz)

Once you’ve chosen some food for your intellect, head down to Chaayé Khana. This café cum lounge is an upscale take on local tea shops. The menu offers 70 different flavors of tea and an extensive breakfast menu which is quite popular. Patrons hang out, play board games (provided by the café) or just relax and read while sipping steaming chai here.

If you are feeling nostalgic, visit United Bakery; you will not find any fancy gateaux or profiteroles but the old fashioned patties, fairy cakes and cream cakes will take you on a trip down memory lane.

However, if you are feeling parsimonious, yet want something to tantalise the taste buds, the Afghani fries are just the thing. You’ll find these desi ‘Afghani French Fries’ in front of Durrani’s, one of the oldest and most popular art and stationery stores in town. This store carries the most comprehensive selection of art materials in town and the staff is not only efficient but also extremely courteous. Come school season, this place is really buzzing with kids stocking up for the school year.

There are several pharmacies and chemists there too; the most popular include D Watson and Shaheen that do far more than fill prescriptions. In addition to an array of medicines, they offer a selection of imported and local cosmetics and perfumes.

All in all, Super Market is an interesting place to visit.  It has a unique buzz of its own, without being stuffy and stiff. Its clientele is diverse, and ranges from locals to foreigners; from the young and trendy looking for interesting finds, to the serious shoppers on a mission.

Real Estate Price Guide
Super Market, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad | 2011 Prices



22 sq yds 20,000-35,000 4-8 million
33 sq yds 30,000-60,000 5-15 million
133 sq yds 100,000-150,000 10-25 million
400 sq yds 70,000-150,000 35-40 million
600 sq yds 150,000-250,000 50-70 million
400 sq yds 40,000-60,000
600 sq yds 70,000-100,000

For details/clarifications please contact Taimur Khan, Tariq Khan and Sons.

— Hafsah Sarfraz
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First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on July 24, 2011.