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The monsoon season has arrived bringing much needed respite from the heat. Not only do the rains clear up smog, wash trees and plants, and quench the earth’s thirst, they also provide health benefits for people.

According to Ayurvedic texts, pure rainwater is “enlivening and satiating; it revives and refreshes the body and spirits, and stimulates the intellect. It has a subtle sweetness, is light and easy to digest, cooling though it is not chilled, and gives the effect of drinking nectar.”

Rainwater is believed to aid digestion, regulate body temperature and increase stamina. Additionally, it also detoxifies and energises the body, all the while improving the complexion. Modern research indicates that hydrogen peroxide in rainwater enhances the body’s natural healing process and is ideal for treating minor cuts and wounds.

So the next time it rains, keep a clean glass or bucket handy and get ready to collect those precious raindrops.

Apart from drinking it, you can use rainwater in the following ways:

1. For that extra glow to your complexion, soak in rainwater and apply as a face mask.

2. Mix rainwater and honey to make a natural hair conditioner that leaves the hair shiny and reduces dandruff.

3. A rainwater and honey mixture can be applied to the skin to abate acne and eczema.

4. A splash of rain water on the face soothes rashes and boils caused by humidity.

5. Stir in honey and lemon into some rainwater to create a cooling drink that regulates body temperature and rejuvenates the body after strenuous exercise.

Remember to collect water in a clean vessel in an open space; you can strain out particles and dust with a muslin cloth. It is best not to use water from the first rain of the season.

— Fehmeen Qureshi

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on July 10, 2011.