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Sector G-6 was one of the first sectors to be developed in Islamabad. With quiet lanes shaded by Mulberry trees, it is one of the greenest sectors in the city, not to mention one of the most upscale and prestigious.

Home to the high ranking… Sector G-6 is primarily home to high net worth businessmen, government officials and diplomats, some of whom have been living there for decades and can recall a time when the area was being developed, where women gossiped over the proverbial fences and children played on the streets in the evenings without fear.

One stop shopping… Aabpara, possibly the oldest market in Islamabad, continues to be a hub for bargain seekers from all over the city due to the presence of small-time shops selling everything from clothes, fabric and food to stationery and books. Several car showrooms are also located there.

Live to eat… Sector G-6 is home to another Islamabad haunt – Melody Market, where, in addition to several ‘mom and pop’ grocery and general stores, is the famed Melody Food Street, a foodie avenue which boasts of every imaginable type of desi fare, including afghani tikkas, kababs and sajji, not to mention the famous pulao at Savor Foods. For those who turn up their noses at all things desi-dhaba,G-6/3 has the posh Nirvana Café and Day Spa, where one can have an elegant meal followed by a mani-pedi and a massage.

For the sportsmen (and women)… With parks in each of the four sub-sectors, a hockey ground in G-6/4 and a tennis court in G-6/3, Sector
G-6 is ideal for anyone committed to staying in – or getting back in – shape. The well-manicured and verdant parks are especially soothing after a hard day’s toil.

For a healthy mind and body… Federal government schools and colleges are spread throughout the sector, as are well known private ones. Numerous hostels dot the sector and are home primarily to out-of-city students. Similarly, medical services are more than adequate due to the presence of several hospitals and clinics.

In a nutshell… With large, sprawling houses, well-equipped commercial areas and eating places, not to mention parks, hospitals and schools, it is no surprise that Sector G-6 is one of Islamabad’s most coveted areas. n

– Rejaa Darr

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on September 9, 2012.