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Block shapes and deco styling characterize houses in Chaklala Scheme 3 (Photo: Khurram Amin)

Located in the heart of Rawalpindi Cantonment, mere minutes away from the airport and adjacent to the Garrison Ten Core, Chaklala Scheme 3 is possibly one of Rawalpindi’s most prestigious and sought after areas and surely one of the safest.

Streetwise and secure… Meticulously planned, Chaklala Scheme 3 has neat, well maintained streets that are secured by barriers and guarded by watchmen; additionally they are clearly marked, making it virtually impossible to get lost there. Residents take evening strolls along the streets often walking down to the market.

Boutiques and bookstores (Photo: Khurram Amin)

Beauty salons, boutiques and banks… Chaklala Scheme 3’s commercial area houses a variety of businesses. However, the area is best known for its beauty businesses; there is an overwhelming number of salons, spas, dermatologists’ clinics, slimming centres and gyms located at almost every corner of Scheme 3. The glitzy designer boutiques attract custom from all over the twin cities, often causing congestion and parking issues.

Plenty for every palate… From popular fast food franchises to chic and quaint little cafés, from gourmet cuisine at fine restaurants to delicious dhaaba fare, residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out. Domino’s, Granny’s, Hot ‘n Spicy, Cock ‘n Bull, Safilo and Ali Bhai desi dahi baray are some of the popular joints that attract custom from local residents and those from adjacent neighbourhoods, particularly Bahria Town and Gulrez.

For an active mind and healthy body… Chaklala Scheme 3 has several public parks where residents come to walk and jog or just hang out in the fresh air. The most well known is the Rose and Jasmine Garden. The neighbourhood also has several schools, nurseries, day care centres and coaching academies that are attended by local residents and those from nearby areas. The healthcare facilities are adequate with the renowned Hearts International Hospital located nearby.

In a nutshell… Chaklala Scheme 3 is an upscale neighbourhood and residents are willing to pay top prices to live there; for good reason too. The area is self sufficient with all the requisite facilities ranging from education and healthcare to shopping and dining. Most importantly, Chaklala Scheme 3 is organised, clean and secure, offering residents the priceless feeling of peace of mind.

– Azbail Raja
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First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on October 7, 2012.