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Peshawar, the capital city of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, is the most urbanised city in the province and its economic hub. Several bazaars and commercial pockets are located there and continue to attract investment from across the country.

Here are a few areas in Peshawar where commercial property is in high demand and is available within a price range of five to 10 million rupees:

1. Arbab Road is a major artery that runs through Saddar. It has several well-known shops dealing in fabrics, apparel, shoes and accessories. Several low-rise plazas, shopping centres and standalone shops are located along the road; plazas provide facilities such as elevators, central air-conditioning and ample parking space.
Shop sizes range between: 25-1,500 square feet.
Price range: Rs 90,000-230,000 per square foot.

2. Qissa Khawani Bazaar is one of Peshawar’s busiest traditional markets, with narrow streets and old buildings that serve as a reminder of the city’s cultural legacy. Although it is well known for its foodie spots, several shops selling antiques, furniture, leather goods, carpets and clothes have a presence there, and make it a popular shopping avenue.
Shop sizes range between: 20-2,000 square feet.
Price range: Rs 50,000-200,000 per square foot.

3. Saddar Road is one of Peshawar’s major commercial hubs. Several well-known hotels, restaurants and clothing boutiques as well as electronic shops, banks and real estate dealers are located along the road, in the form of standalone shops and multi-storey plazas. Facilities provided by plazas include valet parking, cargo lifts, backup generators and security.
Shop sizes range between: 30-3,000 square feet.
Price range: Rs 100,000 to 270,000 per square foot.

4. University Road stretches from Peshawar Cantonment to the University of Peshawar. It is one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares. Car show rooms, hotels, restaurants and a plethora of shopping avenues are located there. Several plazas have been built there recently, and provide facilities such as valet parking, cargo and passenger lifts, escalators and backup generators.
Shop sizes range between: 40-2,000 square feet.
Price range: Rs 95,000-250,000 per square foot.

– Syed Wajeeh ul Hassan Naqvi
Information provided by Xcellent Consultants, Peshawar.

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on Novermber 4, 2012.