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AdBuzz LeadbulbEvery holiday season, luxury retailer Nieman Marcus unveils its Christmas Book – a catalogue of must have luxury items that will add glitz to any gift. Although a simple thought does count, who would say no to what the catalogue calls “the ultimate fantasy gift” – a McLaren 12C Spider parked with a shiny red bow in their driveway?

Unfortunately, only 12 of these beauties were made and all were sold within two hours of being put on offer. Fortunately for rich sports car enthusiasts, McLaren is now offering an equally, if not more, awe-inspiring alternative to Nieman Marcus’ version of their car with the Can-Am edition of the Spider.

Paying homage to McLaren’s racing history in the Can-Am races of the 1960s, the Can-Am Spider comes in a fiery orange and features an aerodynamic design with an F1 sized streamer in the back. This is complemented by a 630 HP V8 engine and seven-speed rear wheel drive transmission which make the car race to 96 km/h in just three seconds. Not to mention, it can reach a top speed of 340 km/h.

McLaren has priced the car at $596,000, over $200,000 more than the Nieman Marcus version of the Spider; and while the Can-Am does not feature diamond-cut wheels with black highlights, it offers a significantly more juiced up engine, an all carbon-fibre chassis, a top speed to rival some of the fastest cars in the world and tons of other technical details that merit McLaren calling it “the ultimate track car”.

Only 30 units of the car will be produced. So although the Can-Am won’t be part of anyone’s Christmas catalogue, this uber-luxury toy for wealthy sports car enthusiasts will certainly be one of the rarest McLarens ever made.

– Shayan Shakeel

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on December 23, 2012.