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3rdWith hectic lifestyles and loads of stress, an increasing number of doctors recommend that adults develop a hobby to help them relax and de-stress. Here are some currently popular hobbies that you can give a shot in 2013.

1. Dance your way to fitness: In 2013, shimmy your way to slimness and fitness with Zumba lessons. This Latin inspired dance cum aerobic workout is a fun way to work off the weight. Big in 2012, Zumba is still going strong; several gyms and dance studios offer classes; workout DVDs are also available.

2. Chef at home: Cooking (and baking) has become fashionable with the ‘young and trendy’, men and women alike. Find and share recipes online; make ingredient-shopping an event, cook for your friends and family and post pictures of your masterpieces on Facebook. Maybe you will finally stick to your resolution of spending less and eating healthy in 2013.

3. Digital diary: Blogging is the 21st century version of writing a journal except that journals are private and blogs can be read by virtually the entire world. Some bloggers have become celebrities in their own ‘write’, turning their hobby into profitable businesses. Definitely worth a try especially if you have lots to say.

4. Don’t get knotted up, knit: Don’t want to spend so much time in the virtual/digital realm? Knitting is the way to go. This age old craft is no longer for the elderly. There is something oddly relaxing about two metallic needles clicking against each other and it’s also fulfilling to have an extra long, super warm scarf at the end of a knitting session. Learn the basics from dadi/nani, pattern books and online tutorials.

5. Drumming and humming: Make some music of your own in 2013 – learn to play an instrument or enroll in voice lessons. You don’t have to become a professional but it will be satisfying to sing in tune when in the shower. Drumming is very popular these days and an excellent way to de-stress. Join a music academy, arrange for a private tutor or learn with online video tutorials.

Have a Happy New Year!

– Leila Mahfooz Barry

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on December 30, 2012.