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CareersIt’s a week into 2013 and if you are like most people, your New Year’s resolutions are either off to a shaky start or never got off the ground. But don’t give up already. In fact this year, it’s time to raise the bar! Whether it’s a salary increment, promotion, career change, or simply adopting the habit of sleeping early, there is no better time to start working on those goals than now.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the year:

Take stock of the past. Narrow the past down to the last 12 months and make a list of all that you have achieved first. This information will serve as a measure of your success during performance reviews, material to update your professional profile with, and reasons to perform in 2013. Also, make a list of failures, so you know how to not repeat a mistake.

Focus on efficiency. A recent survey by Inc. called on some of the world’s top entrepreneurs to highlight one change in their daily routine that could bring them the most success. Some of the results included early morning brainstorming sessions, increased delegation to free up time for strategic tasks and shorter meeting times. What could make the biggest difference to you is something only you will know; think about your daily routine and figure out what could make it more efficient; make it a priority and stick to it every day until you begin to see results.

Keep your finger on the pulse. Networking is crucial to success but it is becoming increasingly challenging to do so. Stay abreast of industry news, job openings, trends and technologies, anything and everything you can to be able to strike up a conversation with someone and offer them information that is relevant and useful. Not only will this reflect on your desire to succeed, it will establish you as the person to go to for the latest information.

– Zeeshan Lakhpaty
The writer is a professional corporate trainer. zeeshan@peopleexcellence.biz.

First published in the Careers Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on December 6, 2013.