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January 20 -Grand_Muzos

The Grand Muzos
A pair of 23.18 and 23.34 ct pear-shaped emerald, pearl and diamond earrings in platinum
Estimated price: HK$ 28-38 million
Price realised: HK$ 33.14 million

As one of the world’s most highly prized gemstones, emeralds belong to the top three most coveted coloured stones, along with rubies and sapphires. Their vibrant green hues have captivated conquistadors and kings alike.

The emerald has enjoyed particular esteem in the Muslim world where the colour green is associated closely with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In the world of emeralds, those from Columbia reign supreme, owing to their unrivalled colour, fire and intensity, with the most expensive emeralds mined from the Chivor, Coscuez and Muzo regions. Among our November Sale of Magnificent Jewels in Hong Kong, Christie’s was privileged to offer ‘The Grand Muzos’, a classic pair of pear-shaped emeralds weighing a sizeable 23.18 and 23.34 carats.

As a pair, the emeralds are especially well-matched and the facets exhibit a refined and well-proportioned cut accumulating into a masterpiece of high brilliance and light return. They possess an unusual level of clarity, as the unique geology responsible for emerald formation creates a high likelihood of inclusions.

Christie’s auction of Magnificent Jewels was held in Hong Kong on November 27, 2012. For further information, please visit http://www.christies.com.

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on January 20, 2012.