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CareersSocial Media is growing by leaps and bounds and almost everyone is paying attention to it. As an HR professional, you could choose to ignore the phenomenon at your own peril; or you could use social media to radically transform your company’s culture.

Here are four strategies that can add value to HR through social media:

1. Recruitment. With an increasing number of applicants looking for career opportunities on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, social media is proving to be the simplest and fastest way to recruit. Online recruitment objectives should be to approach a maximum number of potential candidates, including those who appear passive online but are otherwise talented, and to reduce cost and time by keeping all documents online (using services such as Dropbo).

2. Employer branding. Use the power of online recruitment portals such as LinkedIn or Rozee.pk to market positive messages about your organisation. You can also maintain a company HR page on Facebook which can feature content from various departments and serve as a forum to encourage discussions about your company.

3. Employee engagement. Listen to your employees by promoting the use of employee blogs on websites such as Blogger and WordPress and use internal discussion forums to raise issues that employees want to discuss. This is also a great way to bridge the gap between young and old employees as well as professionals in departments that work independently of each other.

4. Information and education. Use corporate blogs, forums and RSS feeds to help people stay abreast of company matters that are relevant to them. You can also promote the use of online libraries and courseware material on websites such as Coursera, or use wikis, which draw on the wisdom of crowds, to create field-specific knowledge and help both contributors and readers learn at the same time.

– Muhammad Farhan
The writer is an HR business performance consultant and trainer. m.farhan.sm@gmail.com.

First published in the Careers Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on February 17, 2013.