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Derain_Madame-Matisse-au-kiMadame Matisse Au Kimono (1905)
By André Derain
Oil on canvas
Size: 80.5 x 65 centimetres (31.75 x 25.6 inches)
Estimated price: $15-20 million
From a private European collection

Madame Matisse Au Kimono by André Derain (1880-1954) was inspired by the famous summer of 1905 when Derain and fellow French artist Henri Matisse embarked on a frenzy of painting in Collioure (South of France) that would change the course of modern art.

The artists employed brilliant, exaggerated chroma that superseded any tones seen in nature, thereby challenging, even outraging, viewers and commentators alike. The products of this spectacular summer would lead to the fabled Salon d’Automne where the art critic Louis Vauxcelles coined the term les fauves (the wild beasts) – a name for this group of painters that would withstand the test of time. It is in light of this momentous historical moment that this radiant canvas of Amélie Matisse becomes a seductively talismanic emblem, marking the sense of community and shared objectives that united these two artists.

Derain is known for his vivid landscapes, but very few fully realised portraits such as the present work are known to exist. This lush and richly detailed homage to Madame Matisse stands as a symbol of the unique camaraderie and intellectual collaboration between these two great Modern artists. This is a large scale portrait of exceptional calibre.

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