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26 May - padparadscha and diamond ring

An Exceptional Padparadscha And Diamond Ring
Within a brilliant-cut diamond surround, floral motif gallery and trifurcated shoulders, mounted in 18k rose gold
Ring size: 6.25
Estimated price: $1-1.5 million

I couldn’t resist talking about this beautiful ring set with an oval-shaped padparadscha. The name padparadscha is derived from Sanskrit: padma meaning lotus and raga meaning colour. The colour of the gemstone resembles the famed and beautiful lotus flower of Sri Lanka, the first source of these remarkable gems.

Like the other stones belonging to the corundum family, it is made up of pure aluminium oxide which, at great temperatures and under intense pressure, has crystallised. The family also includes other famed members such as rubies and sapphires, with the slight preference of different trace elements determining the nature of the final gemstone.

While sapphires are naturally coloured with iron and rubies with chromium, padparadschas are coloured by the presence of both resulting in the delicate interplay of pink and orange hues which makes this gem one of nature’s rarest. It is also said to ward off evil spirits and represents longevity and marital happiness while the colour is said to alter its hue as love wanes.

This exceptional gemstone is oval-shaped and weighs an outstanding 73.98 carats, the colours typical of the finest padparadschas from Sri Lanka with the excellent clarity and cut adding to the refinement.

Christie’s sale of Magnificent Jewels will be held in Hong Kong on Tuesday May 28 2013. For more information please visit http://www.christies.com.

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on May 19, 2013.