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Given that the world of IT progresses at a rate much faster than that of other industries, professionals in the field are always on the lookout for ways to grow and improve their skills. However, constantly sending a significant part of the workforce on training can become a financial and productivity burden for many companies. To cater to the need for continual skill development while maintaining a regular workforce, IT corporations are making use of Instructor Led Training (ILT) sessions.

ILT is an effective means of learning as it allows a trainer to deliver knowledge while encouraging an active exchange of information between trainer and trainees. As they are conducted at a specific time/place in the organisation, ILTs allow for feedback within a real-time environment and professionals can develop their skills ‘on the job’. For instance, organisations involved in technological product development can conduct ILT sessions to introduce new products or upgrades while discussing strategies about how to incorporate the technology within the organisation. In effect, the training session becomes a classroom as well as a team brainstorming session.

A tested method of incorporating ILT into an employee training programme is to send a small group of professionals on training as they can then conduct ILT sessions within their companies and train their departments in what they have learnt. An alternative is to invite experienced professionals from other organisations to prepare training materials and deliver the training session. An emerging but core component of learning retention techniques include exercises, graphic illustrations, interactive games and brainstorming activities to demonstrate concepts that will help trainees better grasp the information being imparted to them.

ILT sessions work particularly well with mid-sized groups of five to 10 employees. As IT divisions tend to be hierarchal and segmented into multiple departments, the trickledown effect of ILT sessions led by experienced professionals is the fastest and most cost-effective method of disseminating information throughout the organisation.

– Mehreen Ahmed

The writer is a project coordinator at a multinational company. mehreen.ah@gmail.com

First Published in the Careers Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on June 9, 2013.