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2It has long been recognised that a spot of fresh air works wonders as a remedy to the many malaises of modern life. Even though humans are hardwired to interact with nature, modernity has resulted in an unfortunate disconnect from what is innate to them.

‘Ecotheraphy’ – the practise of ‘getting in touch with nature’ seeks to re-establish the beneficial relationship between people and their natural environment – and elevates all that is natural to new, medical heights that grandmothers the world over would sagely applaud.

Always rather reluctant to accept the efficaciousness of alternative medicine, medical practitioners are suddenly sitting up and taking note of nature’s healing powers. In fact, they are even prescribing the very best that mother nature has to offer for illnesses such as depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, stress, anxiety, obesity and several different kinds of trauma. And they are prescribing it in liberal doses and on a regular basis.

Connecting with the natural world is just what the doctors are ordering to help city dwellers get their mental and physical health back on track and this applies to children as well. Urban lifestyle as it is now, involves people of all age groups and of most occupations spending an inordinate amount of time indoors, often in air-conditioned surroundings where they rarely come into direct contact with the great outdoors. As a result they develop a range of avoidable illnesses.

Reconnecting, or for some, making their first physical contact with nature, including greenery, horticulture, wildlife, beaches, sunshine and fresh air, have all been proven to help resolve an entire spectrum of health issues – in many cases without the aid of Allopathic medication.

So give ecotherapy a try, it is green medicine in a concrete world – what’s more, – it’s free!

– B Khan

First published in the Health Advertiser Section of The Dawn National Weekend Advertiser on June 9 , 2013.