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The park offers spectacular lake views.

The park offers spectacular lake views.

The recently completed Rawal Lake Promenade, also known Lake View Park, is fast becoming one of Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s most popular recreational avenues, due to the many leisure activities it provides.
Breathtaking flora… The vast expanse of nature on display at Lake View Park is breathtaking. Rawal Lake is surrounded by a forest of indigenous flowering trees; this untamed natural beauty is complemented by
sprawling, landscaped gardens
aflame with exotic flowers.

And fauna too…  On the Lake’s edge one can spot several birds especially the Mallard or wild duck, making the Park a favourite spot for Islamabad’s bird watchers. However, watch out for the Indian cobra and Russell’s viper! In the quieter and more secluded spots, one can spot indigenous wildlife which includes the common fox, pangolin, porcupine, jungle cat, jackal, yellow-throated marten and even wild boars.

Picnicking on the promenade… Lake View Park is a popular picnic spot with the requisite facilities. The promenade is lined with picnic tables and DIY barbeque grills where one can enjoy a lazy afternoon. For people who would rather not labour over barbeques, several food stalls dot the Park and sell a variety of snacks.

Watercycling is a key attraction.

Watercycling is a key attraction.

Out on the lake…Water sporting facilities, including boating, sailing, diving and water skiing are all available. The hi-octane water sports are not everyone’s cup of tea and many visitors simply occupy one of the many benches provided on the Lake’s edge and watch others enjoy the water sports.

Amusement for all… Lake View Park also has the added attraction of an amusement park within its premises. One can experience the thrill and rush of riding the roller coaster, take a gentle spin in the teacups or take a relaxing ride on the mini train which snakes through the Park. To experience thrills combined with natural beauty, there is the Motorbike Safari.
In a nutshell… Removed from urban chaos and commotion, with a vast array of interesting recreational activities and breathtaking views, Lake View Park is a perfect place to enjoy an evening in the summer.

A vendor blowing bubbles in the air.

A vendor blowing bubbles in the air.

– Wajiha Malik

Bhara Kahu, Islamabad  |  2013 Prices

                            Purchase                      RENTALS
150 sq yds          1.5-2.5 million                10,000-30,000
210 sq yds          2-2.8 million                   15,000-70,000
300 sq yds          2-3 million                      35,000-120,000
600 sq yds          3-6 million                      65,000-200,000
150 sq yds         3.5-4.5million                  7,000-9,000
210 sq yds         5-6 million                       10,000-15,000
300 sq yds         8-15 million                     20,000-25,000
600 sq yds        15-25 million                    40,000-50,000
150 sq yds        ——————                  4,000-6,000
210 sq yds        ——————                  5,000-8,000
300 sq yds        ——————                  12,000-18,000
600 sq yds        ——————                  20,000-25,000

NB: Stated measurements are standard measurements for properties listed.

All prices are in rupees. They are based on estimated figures and are subject to change.
For more information, please contact the source: Tariq Khan and Sons, Islamabad.

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on June 9, 2013.