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Lemonade for thirsty shoppers.

Karachi has a bazaar for everything – from paper, bottles and clothes to used car parts. But the area called Lighthouse, just ahead of Pakistan Chowk and adjacent to the KMC building, is where you can find a multitude of different markets, all within walking distance of each other.


From opticians to shoe stores, Lighthouse has them all.

The alley of opportunity… If you’re looking for branded wear on the cheap, there is only one place of its kind in Karachi – the Lunda Bazaar in Lighthouse is acknowledged as THE flea market where all things hot come to be bought. Bedding, caps, shoes, jackets, sweaters, suits – you name it and you’ll find it there. Of course, no matter how clean they are, if you can’t stand hand me downs, the flea market is not going to be your cup of tea.


A shopkeeper selling fabric.

Your training starts here… Fancy yourself a budding all rounder? At Jinnah Sports, you’ll find bats for amateurs and professionals, as well as kits, balls and wickets. But Jinnah Sports is just one of the shops at the Sports Market, where you can buy anything from squash rackets to carrom boards and more. You can even buy weight training equipment such as dumbbells and barbells – the shops sell their weights by the kilo!

All things miscellaneous… Lighthouse also features an assortment of shops that cater to diverse needs. Need a suitcase for an impromptu trip? You’ll find scores of stores parked with Delseys and Echolacs out front. A grandfather clock to complete that living room? Ask the dozen or so watchmakers to pick one out for you.

Have an aunt who still remembers the days when Singer was the last word in sewing machines? Lighthouse has a variety on offer – old and new.
Necessary respites… The heat and commotion at Lighthouse can be stifling. Fortunately there are more than a few vendors that can offer a respite from the heat and commotion.

Jeddah Ice-cream has been around for more than a decade, offering patrons ice-cream, kulfi and lassi. Bismillah Nimco next door always has a flurry of hands demanding everything from samosas to pakoras, but if all you need is a glass of something light and cold, the friendly nimbu paani vendor is only a shout away.

In a nutshell… Lighthouse is the exact opposite of mall culture in Karachi. But nowhere else will you find ‘branded’ flip flops, suitcases, sewing machines and more at a fraction of their original cost.

– Shayan Shakeel

Lighthouse, Karachi  |  2013 Prices

                               PURCHASE              RENTALS


 200 sq ft               1.6-3 million             5,000-25,000

 300 sq ft               2.4-4.5 million          22,500-37,500

 500 sq ft               4-7.5 million            37,500-62,500

 1,000 sq ft            8-15 million             75,000-125,000

 1,500 sq ft           12-22.5 million          112,500-187,500

NB: All prices are in rupees.Stated measurements are standard measurements for properties listed.Values are based on estimated figures and are subject to change.
For details/clarifications please contact the source: Shafi Jakvani, Citi Assosciates.

First published in the Real Estate section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on June 16, 2013.