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The Canal measures  70 kilometers.

The Canal measures 70 kilometers

The Lahore Branch Canal (LBC) was constructed by the Mughals and upgraded during the British Raj. Measuring 70 kilometres, the canal originates outside the city, near the village of Khaira; passing through farmland, Lahore’s historical sites and newer suburban developments, the LBC ends at the Kot Maiga area on Multan Road. The Canal plays a central role in the cultural and historical identity of Lahore.

A canal for all seasons… Lahoris love their Canal. Come hail or sunshine they will find an excuse to flock down to the banks of their beloved water feature, especially along the famed Canal Bank Road. When springtime arrives, the Canal comes alive with activity; the tree lined banks are abloom with flowers and strung with fairy lights, while colourful and creative floats bob on the water’s surface. The mild weather and pretty decorations attract visitors by the droves. When the scorching summer rolls around, the LBC becomes one long lido; those who have no access to private pools and generators come to the Canal to get respite from the rising mercury and load shedding. While young boys and men enjoy a splash in the water, families catch some fresh air under the shady trees, partaking in refreshing fruit and drinks on sale at the makeshift stands along the Canal.

Families taking a break from the summer heat

Families taking a break from the summer heat

Living by the canal… Canal Bank Road passes through a variety of localities including farmland (from Khaira to Mughalpura) and some of Lahore’s older and most upscale residential areas including Garden Town, Gulberg, Shah Jamal and Zaman Park. Punjab University’s Quaid-i-Azam Campus is also located alongside Canal Bank Road; the hostels and faculty departments afford scenic views of the Canal. Newer residential areas developed along the Canal include Canal View Housing Society, Johar Town and Tech Society.

The banks are lined with lights and flowers

The banks are lined with lights and flowers

In a nutshell… The Canal is an essential part of Lahore’s historical and cultural identity. Since its inception it has quite literally flowed through the city as an important artery along which Lahore’s economical, cultural and social life has evolved over the decades.

– Maheen Hassan

Canal Bank Road, Lahore  |  2013

                                           PURCHASE                             RENTALS
500 sq yds                         11.5-40 million                       25,000-100,000
1,000 sq yds                      20-60 million                          50,000-200,000
2,000 sq yds                      30-120 million                        250,000-400,000
3,000 sq yds                      35-150 million                        300,000-500,000

500 sq yds                        6-30 million                             ——————-
1,000 sq yds                    10-50 million                            ——————-
2,000 sq yds                    20-100 million                          ——————
3,000 sq yds                    35-140 million                          ——————-

NB: All prices are in rupees. Stated measurements are standard measurements for properties listed.
Values are based on estimated figures and are subject to change.
For details/clarifications please contact the source: Hamza Estate

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on June 23, 2013.