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If you think pastry can’t inspire madness and obsession, think Cronut! The Cronut is, as one writer describes it, “the sinful love child of the mighty doughnut and the delicate croissant.”

Developed by Chef Dominique Ansel for his bakery in New York City and launched on Mother’s Day this year, the Cronut has become such a massive hit that people queue outside the Ansel Bakery before dawn to get their coveted supply of two Cronuts (the Bakery strictly enforces a limit of two per person). The Ansel Bakery has trademarked the name and therefore Cronut is a brand name and a proper noun now!

Made from pastry dough that has been sheeted, laminated, proofed and fried, filled with pastry crème and then rolled in powdered sugar, the Cronut has so far been made in only four flavours, each of which is available for one month only. This month, the Bakery is selling coconut Cronuts.

The runaway success of the Cronut has led to all manner of madness; for example, although the original Cronut retails for five dollars a pop, there is a thriving black market trade with ‘scalpers’ selling it for from $40 to $50 outside the Bakery and on Craigslist. In fact, there is a service called Premium Cronut Delivery that sells one Cronut for $100!

However, those who aren’t interested in spending a small fortune on a deep fried pastry can check out Krispy Kreme’s ‘Baked Krispy Kroissant’, Dunkin’ Donuts’ ‘New York Pie Donut’ and numerous other doughssants, dossants, doissants, fauxnuts, cronutterys and dornuts which are available at bakeries around the world.

Although the Cronut has yet to make an appearance in Pakistan, according to the latest news reports it has just been spotted in India. Therefore it’s only a matter of time before Cronut mania reaches our shores.

– Marylou Andrew

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on August 25, 2013.