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Khanpur Lake

Built in 1983, the picturesque Khanpur Dam is located on Khanpur Lake, which is fed by the Haro River. It is less than an hour’s drive away from Islamabad and is a popular recreational venue, especially over the weekend.


Magnificent views… Visitors are rewarded with some breathtaking views. On one side stand the lush green Margallas, while on the other lies the vast expanse of the lake’s sapphire blue waters. Along the shores, several birds can be spotted, including white cranes and waterfowl. In the winter, migratory birds can be seen soaring above the water.


Enjoying a boat ride on the lake

Exciting water sports… Khanpur Lake is one of few recreational spots in Pakistan where water sporting facilities are available. Families can be seen boating or fishing, while couples opt for paddle boats. For the more adventurous, there are jet skis that can be rented, as well as cliff jumping and cliff diving classes.

Fresh, delicious fish… Khanpur Lake is well known for two types of fish: masheer and rohu. Many people grill their fresh catch by the lakeside, and then have a picnic, while the less enterprising opt to dine at one of the many desi dhaabas located nearby. Specialities include – yes, you guessed right – fried fish and fish chappal kabab, which, along with naan and spicy chutneys are simply scrumptious.


Fruit picking… Khanpur town is known for is its fruit orchards located along the main roads. The most popular fruit include lychee, loquat and two types of oranges: red blood and shakri maltas; both are known for their unique taste and colour. The owners of the orchards allow customers to pick the juicy fruit themselves and buy them at reasonable prices.

Accommodation options… For people who want to spend the night there, several hotels are located near the Dam. A popular option is Lake View Motel and Restaurant which is located across the Dam, and affords some spectacular views of Khanpur Lake and the Margalla Hills.

In a nutshell… With exciting water sports, stunning views and good food, a visit to Khanpur Dam is in order if you live in, or are travelling to, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

– Muhammad Arsalan Khan