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goshtBakra Eid is around the corner and many of us are already thinking about what we can do with the meat that is destined to line our freezers for months to come.  Shanks, ribs, and fillets… the choice of juicy cuts is endless.

Our meat-loving palate demands striking flavours, so it’s not surprising that we often enjoy marinating our meats in blends of exotic infusions that are both international and sensational. A good marinade adds taste and texture to the meat, while preserving its juices.

Inspired by Asian cuisine, the teriyaki marinade offers a titillating burst of flavours. The mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and Worcestershire sauce helps tenderise the meat, while giving it a tangy punch. Fresh, grated ginger and sugar add a hint of sweetness, whilst the onion and garlic powders help seal in the juices. The longer the meat lazes in the marinade, the more succulent it becomes upon cooking.

Lamb enthusiasts should try the Greek marinade. The mixture of lemon juice, olive oil and garlic, combined with aromatic herbs such as bay leaf, oregano and thyme, make for a heavenly concoction. Slice the lamb and let it soak overnight in this gorgeous fusion. Your senses will surely be in for a pounding.

For those after more zest, the Caribbean jerk marinade promises to pack in quite a punch. Traditional spices such as black pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg are mixed with allspice and vinegar. Fresh onions add an edge and the olive oil emulsifies everything for easy application.

Hunter beef lovers can find comfort in a recipe that is simple yet produces very dramatic flavours. Mix together some black pepper, brown sugar, lemon juice, and crystallised salt and apply it to a beef loaf. The meat should soak in the mixture for at least five days before it is roasted.

Once you have mastered these recipes at home, there is no going back to the shop bought stuff.

– Sheherzad Kaleem

First published in The Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on October 13, 2013.