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The Saturday farmers’ market at Kuch Khaas

The Saturday farmers’ market at Kuch Khaas

Tracking down organic produce is no easy matter, although there are now a few enterprising people who are doing their best to make such items available. A mere handful of organic growers are offering a limited range of items for sale, sometimes through home delivery in Karachi while an organic farmers’ market has sprung up in Lahore a few weeks ago. And thanks to a weekly farmers’ market at Kuch Khaas, organic produce has taken Islamabad by storm too.

A rustic setting… Located on Margalla Road, Kuch Khaas has introduced a Saturday farmers’ market. The setting of Kuch Khaas in the leafy, genteelly residential, verdantly green outskirts of Islamabad, where class still counts, is the ideal place for such an enterprising event. The added attraction of The Lime Tree, an in-house restaurant, makes the venue an ideal place for family entertainment with a gourmet dash, although be warned, prices are a tad high.

Organic goodies

Organic goodies

Organic all the way… Organic growers from as far apart as Bhurban, Fateh Jhang, Kalabagh, Swabia and from within Islamabad itself, are availing the facility of well arranged stalls to offer homegrown, homemade items, such as organic seasonal fruit and vegetables, wild honey, jams, jellies, pickles, cheeses, cordials, cut flowers, organically produced seeds, fresh and dried herbs, home baked breads and other items directly for sale to discerning customers. As a foreign couple explained, “We struggle to provide chemical free food for our children. We want them to develop good, sensible, healthy eating habits from the start, so for us, this market comes as a wonderful relief.”

Happy farmers

Happy farmers and customers

Not just organic produce… Alongside locally grown and homemade fresh organic produce, other organic items on offer include free range eggs, fresh milk in re-useable, returnable glass bottles, hand ground aata, pasta, rice and similar goods from a well known organic producer in Lahore and an assortment of goodies made by Kuch Khaas.

In a nutshell… Residents of Islamabad are delighted to be able to purchase an array of organic goods in one market rather than having to hunt for them all over the city.

– B Khan

First published in the Real Estate section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on October 27, 2013.