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AdBuzz LeadWho doesn’t want to own a Lamborghini? The iconic marquee of the Italian car industry, it is the dream of every car enthusiast.

The latest Lamborghini sensation is the much-hyped, gold-plated and diamond encrusted prototype of the Aventador LP 700-4 which is on display at Lamborghini’s Dubai showroom and will be showcased at the Dubai Motor Show which begins on November 7. (After that, it will be displayed in Abu Dhabi.)

The prototype measures 25 inches in length and is a scaled down version of the Aventador, and is expected to fetch up to $7.5 million on auction later on, making it the most expensive model car to date. (The actual car costs nearly $400,000 and is a “beast” – equipped with a 6.5 litre engine boasting 700 hp.)

The glittering model car has been carved out of a solid block of gold weighing 500 kilograms and contains a little under 25 kilograms of the precious metal. Add $2.64 million worth of diamonds and platinum to that, and perhaps you might begin to think that the high price tag is justified.

The exterior has been made from carbon fibre, covered with a 1/1000 mm-thin thread of solid gold; the wheels are of gold and platinum. The interior has also been made using these metals and is studded with gemstones.

The prototype was the brainchild of the German model maker Robert Gülpen, and took one and a half years and 10 engineers to create. Gülpen believes that it will secure three entries in the Guinness Book of World Records: most expensive model, most secure showcase and most luxurious logo.

Gulpen has noble aspirations for the money that will be raised from the eventual sale of the model. He wants to give $650,000 to an undisclosed charity – leaving him with six million dollars or so.

–Haroon Rasheed

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on November 3, 2013.