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Last year, several construction workers lost their lives in Pakistan due to a lack of safety measures on construction sites. Here are several pertinent safety bylaws that should be adhered to at all times:

Any construction site that is less than 15 feet away from a public place (such as a main thoroughfare) must be clearly marked and well-lit to indicate to pedestrian traffic that construction work is taking place there.

Construction materials, machinery, tools and debris should not be left on a public street without prior written permission from the concerned authorities. If permission is granted, they must be removed within seven days after the construction work has been completed.

Construction sites must be well-lit, especially in areas such as basements where natural light is limited, to reduce accidents.

All personnel working on a construction site must wear protective helmets and glasses, steel boots, reflective vests and gloves. If they are working at an elevated point, they should wear guard ropes.

Construction equipment (including machinery, pulleys, elevators, work platforms, scaffolding and ladders) must be of sound quality to prevent accidents. Every work platform that measures seven feet or more in height should be at least two feet wide to ensure workers’ safety.

Building materials must be placed at a safe distance away from the edge of the foundation pits to ensure the safety of the people who are working below the surface.

Debris and waste material must be removed from the structure periodically to avoid overloading it.

Temporary rails and scaffolding barriers must be installed around elevator shafts and stairwells.

– Uzma Nawaz
Information collated from sbca.gos.pk.