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Adbuzz leadRolls-Royce is known for producing luxury cars, but of late the automaker has started producing cars that not only boast of the quality that this iconic British marquee is known for, but are limited edition cars as well. This year,    Rolls-Royce has announced two variations of its popular luxury saloon, the Ghost.

A few weeks ago, to celebrate the Year of the Horse (which will begin on January 31), Rolls-Royce unveiled its Ghost Majestic Horse. The car’s interior has headrests and cushions with equine symbols embroidered on them, and a contemporary version of the traditional symbol that depicts the Chinese horse is hand-crafted on the dash-board. Horse motifs can also be seen on the doors, while        two-toned horse appliqués are emblazoned on the front vendors.

Under the hood, this limited edition Ghost features a 6.6-litre twin-turbocharged, V12 engine that can produce up to 563 hp. It is available in grey and silver.

Coinciding with the Chinese New Year is Rolls-Royce’s 10th anniversary in China. To mark the occasion, Rolls-Royce also unveiled the Canton Glory Ghost, named after the Canton Tower in Guanghzou, at the recently concluded Auto Guanghzou.

The Canton Glory mirrors the power specifications of the Ghost Majestic Horse to a large extent but it is believed to be more fuel-efficient. It comes in two-colour variations: burgundy and white as well as burgundy and silver. The distinctive ‘Five Rams’, (Guangzhou’s emblem) are etched onto its seats, veneer panels, dashboard and coach line.

The number of Ghost Majestic Horses that will roll off the assembly line is yet to be announced. So far only two Canton Glory Ghosts have been manufactured, and it is a distinct possibility that they have already been spoken for by successful Chinese industrialists.

Deliveries of the cars are expected to begin in June; prices have not been announced, although industry experts predict that they could range anywhere between $645,000 and 1,075,000.

– Haroon Rasheed

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on January 26, 2014.