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1Activating the relationship between a happy mind and a healthy body is one of the greatest achievements made possible by the power of positive thinking, a firm component of alternate medicine. Today, the link between a positive state of mind and a positive state of health is known as psycho-neuro-immunology.

Pessimism and negative emotions are as harmful to health as a positive attitude is beneficial. Stress and negativity are believed by many researchers to be the primary causes of several medical conditions, including cancer, chronic infections, heart disease, hypertension, strokes and ulcers. This is because researchers have discovered that envy and jealousy cause the release of chemicals like cortisones from the brain that have an immune-suppressive action.

The physical realm of illness, the part that can be diagnosed with laboratory tests, is only part of the equation. It’s a big part, mind you, but not the whole shebang. Today, many people expect instant cures from doctors for their illnesses, and hand over responsibility for their health to them, preferring a prescription instead of instigating a change in their lifestyle or diet. People who are cynical, resentful or pessimistic, must instead first purify their thoughts and detoxify their emotions before they can benefit from medical therapies.

One of the most important factors, and the one upon which everything else depends, is the right attitude, without which health cannot be maintained for long and healing can never be achieved. Negativity not only blocks the body’s detox and self-healing responses, it also produces a constant stream of toxic metabolites, negating the positive benefits of any therapy.

The human experience suggests that positive mental factors like joy, love and hope are even more decisive than healthy diets and exercise in determining the state of health and life longevity. People who know how to relax and enjoy life, and who take “don’t worry, be happy and feel good” as their motto, often live longer, healthier lives, even while enjoying guilty pleasures – than people who constantly worry about their health and fitness.

– Dr Mubashara Khan
The writer is a registered spiritual therapist and fitness trainer.