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CareerThe Alpha Leadership Model was developed by Professor Julian Russell and researchers/authors Anne Deering and Robert Dilts in the late 1990s. Their objective was to assist managers to effectively manage a multicultural workforce in an increasingly digital and global corporate environment. This leadership model remains relevant today, and in Pakistan it is gaining traction due to the exponential increase in e-commerce, which has resulted in a growing need to develop ‘alpha leaders’.

Alpha leadership centres on three A’s:

Anticipate. Alpha leaders (also known as Alphas) keep abreast of current technological and socio-economic trends; they constantly develop their critical thinking skills and possess foresight. These qualities enable them to anticipate emerging trends that can impact their organisation’s operations in the future, so that they can develop and implement contingency strategies to prevent – or manage – crises.

Align. Alphas align the organisation’s needs with their teams’ goals by adopting a management style that nurtures talent, fosters growth and provides professional development opportunities through coaching, mentorship and training. This usually leads to high levels of job satisfaction and productivity among team members, which, in turn, often results in them not only meeting, but surpassing organisational targets. By empowering their employees, Alphas gain their cooperation, respect and loyalty.

Act. Implementing strategic initiatives promptly and effectively requires identifying key business functions in need of innovation, expansion and growth. Alpha leaders accomplish this by incorporating cutting-edge technologies in day to day company operations, allocating resources to achieve new milestones and proactively monitoring individual, departmental and organisational performances through 360 degree performance audits. However, while Alphas ensure that policies are implemented consistently, they are quick to act if policy changes are required to achieve targets.

– Sahr Nadeem Tariq
The writer is a project coordinator at a multinational company.

First published in the Careers Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on April 6, 2014.