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3rdeaster Icon copy‘Flower talk’ is the way to go this Easter and what better gift than Easter lilies, that speak to your near and dear ones in style?

Perhaps more widely known as Madonna Lilies, these glorious, trumpet-shaped, heavily perfumed, waxy-white blooms, make an Easter statement all of their own and – depending on flower size and the number of buds – are available for Rs 150-450 per stem. With a daily change of water and a little stem trimming, they are long lasting cut flowers.

If white lilies are not your style then present that special person with a stem or two of Stargazer lilies; their powerful perfume wafts out from dark pink, brown speckled trumpets which is impossible to ignore. Stargazer lilies come in the same price range as Madonna lilies do.

Other Easter flowers to present – either as single stems or in stunning bouquets this weekend – include those ever popular, multi-coloured, sweetly scented freesias which can be purchased for as little as Rs 100 for a dozen or, if you strike it lucky, for Rs 200 for a huge, stunning, bunch.

Then there are those incredibly long-lasting African daisies, better known as gerberas, in dazzling colours, coming in at   Rs 100-150 per stem, depending on flower size; delicately coloured and enticingly perfumed carnations fall into the same price range as Gerberas, while brazenly dyed, imported, brilliant blue, long-stemmed roses hit the high-spot at Rs 120-150 for each stem.

If you are really out to make a statement, then speak out – loud and clear – with Cymbidium orchids: with their cut stems thoughtfully contained in little vials of water, entire spays of these orchids – and other varieties – are being offered from as little as Rs 150 up to Rs 250 per stem and make a never to be forgotten impact.

Saying Happy Easter with flowers is a beautiful thing to do.

– B Khan

First published in the ADBUZZZZ Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on April 20, 2014.