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Until three years ago, Badar Commercial Area (BCA) was a small neighbourhood market that catered to the daily needs of the residents of the nearby 26th Street and Saba Avenue; a few small-time eateries as well as grocery, tailoring and shoe shops had a presence there. This has changed, and BCA is now a bustling commercial centre, with something for everyone.

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A taste of east and west

big 2Something for everyone… The majority of BCA’s attractions are located along Saba Avenue, 26th Street and Badar Commercial Street 10, which intersects these two roads. Here one can find furniture stores, travel agencies and banks next to bakeries, salons and shops that sell everything from books and flowers to clothes and shoes. A number of well-equipped gyms have opened recently, where aerobics and yoga classes are conducted.

A desi food hotspot… Like every successful commercial area in Pakistan, BCA is home to several restaurants, and pulls up more than a few aces in that department, although its culinary repertoire is primarily limited to desi food. Favoured foodie spots include Ambala Foods, Chutkharey, Daily Dubai Restaurant, Mirchi, Nimco and Student Biryani; international franchises are limited to Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC and Subway. Several dhaabas can be found, offering their trademark piping hot doodh patti, sizzling lachha parathas and glasses of lassi.

Badar Commercial has become a bustling commercial centre

Badar Commercial has become a bustling commercial centre

The real estate take… Due to its prime location in Phase V, DHA, Badar Commercial offers both residential and commercial property options. Apartments and office space can be found on the upper floors of low rise buildings, while retail space is available on the ground floors; approximately 60% is built up, and vacant plots are therefore available. Property prices have appreciated by approximately 40% and rentals by 25% in the last three years.

A multi-storey house on 26th Street

A multi-storey house on 26th Street

In a nutshell… While it may not be as trendy as other commercial areas in DHA (think Bukhari, Zamzama and Shahbaz), BCA has now come into its own, thanks to its dining and shopping options, not to mention that finding a parking spot there is relatively easy.

– Tanvir Hussain

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on April 13, 2014.

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