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AdBuzz Leadmother's day iconPakistani mums today are busy dividing time between work, home and social activities. Therefore, they require reliable, safe and versatile ‘mummy mobiles’. However, not every car can handle the rigours of motherhood, so if you are thinking about purchasing a car, then consider the following factors before taking the plunge.

Safety. Make sure that the car has airbags, as well as front and rear seat belts. Install booster seats for children (between the ages of four and eight) in the back, and never let them sit in the front passenger seat; their size and weight do not activate the sensors that activate airbags after accidents to prevent injuries.

Visibility. Most cars in Pakistan are designed with the assumption that they will be driven by men who are three to four inches taller than women on average. To minimise ‘blind spots’, make sure that the side mirrors are mounted at 15 degree angles instead of the regular 90 degrees. Furthermore, adjust the driving seat according to your height so that it provides a 180 degree rear view angle, which is crucial when switching lanes and emerging from junctions.

Size. Get a car that accommodates not just your children, but baby gear as well (if you are a new mum), schoolbags, and the occasional friend. Make sure that the boot has enough space to accommodate grocery bags and other items. The height of the boot is also important if you go shopping alone, as vehicles with a lower boot are easier to unload bags from and do not put excessive strain on the back.

Price. Opt for a new car as this will save you the stress and hassle of constant servicing and maintenance; keep in mind that compact cars not only cost less, but are easier to navigate than larger ones.

– Romano Karim Yusuf
First published in the ADBUZZZZ Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on May 11, 2014.