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AdBuzz Lead Ramadan-Kareem-WallpaperRamazan may be the season for peace and serenity but anyone who drives in Pakistan knows otherwise. However, with metropolitan traffic increasing exponentially and motorists’ tempers flaring routinely, it is all the more important to drive safe this Ramazan.

Here is how:

Drive loaded. Most accidents happen when people are rushing home come iftar time. If you happen to be on the roads, keep something to break your fast in the car, such as dates, biscuits and a small bottle of water to ensure that hitting the gas pedal is not the only way to get something to eat.

Don’t drive and eat. Research indicates that eating and driving is one multi-task that can increase chances of accidents by 80%. If you must break your fast on the road, stop your car before doing so.

Get a pre-Ramazan maintenance check. Just prior to Ramazan, get your car’s fundamentals such as oil, brakes and brake fluid, coolant and other major components checked. This will ensure a hassle-free month.

Time yourself. Avoid last minute rushes to get to that must attend iftar party, or the first rakat of taraweeh. In short, no matter where you need to be during the month, remember that metropolitan Pakistan is now one huge traffic clog and being on time means planning ahead to ensure you reach your destination on time.

Act on the Ramazan regimen. Road safety is compromised in a huge way when people are sleepy, hungry, or both. Fasting in Ramazan pushes that envelope, so make sure that you eat well during sehri and iftar and get plenty of sleep as well to ward off any tendencies for road rage!

Expect insanity. We all know that fasting can sometimes cause road rage; people become short-tempered, self-righteous and even reckless. Drive defensively on the roads, maintain distances, and when someone does something wrong or looks as if they are looking for a fight, be the better person. After all, that is the spirit of Ramazan.

– Tariq Ziad Khan
First published in the ADBUZZZZ Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on June 22, 2014.