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North Nazimabad is one of Karachi’s oldest residential areas

North Nazimabad is one of Karachi’s oldest residential areas

North Nazimabad is one of Karachi’s oldest residential areas; it was planned and designed by Carlo Scarpa and Aldo Rossi, renowned Italian architects, in the late 1950s. It is divided into 22 blocks with facilities and amenities, such as commercial areas, mosques, parks and schools. Block H, however, remains one of North Nazimabad’s most popular blocks, primarily due to its proximity to the vibrant Hyderi Market.

Old world charm… Block H was once a quiet neighbourhood boasting of wide roads lined with eucalyptus trees and sprawling houses on large plots. Over the decades, the block has been commercialised to a large extent; houses, especially those located on the major thoroughfares, are increasingly being used for commercial purposes.


A children’s park in Block H, North Nazimabad

A vibrant commercial hub…  Hyderi Market began life as a small neighbourhood market in the mid-1970s; since then it has become a commercial focal point for people residing in North Nazimabad and its adjoining areas. Shops sell everything from apparel and jewellery to household appliances and computers. Several trendy malls also have a presence there including Dolmen, Saima and Al Madni Malls. As Eid approaches, temporary stalls crop up, offering Eid specific accessories, such as gota-kinari, mehndi, bangles and khussas.

A plethora of dining options… Block H and Hyderi have more than their share of dining options. These include Arizona Grill, Chinese Chow Mein, Delhi Muslim Kabab, Hardee’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Meerath Kabab and Red Apple. Popular Ramazan snacks including bun kababs, chana chaat, dahi baras, fruit chaat, pakoras, samosas and sherbets are also available there.

Colourful bangles at Hyderi Market

Colourful bangles at Hyderi Market

The real estate take… The commercial success and rapid expansion of Hyderi Market has increased the demand for property in Block H. The value of shops has increased by 50 to 60% in the last three years, while the prices of houses have increased by 70 to 80%.
In a nutshell… With sprawling houses and a vibrant market selling everything under the sun, Block H is one of Karachi’s shopping hotspots – particularly during Ramazan.

– Javaid Hyder

First published in the Real Estate Section of the Dawn National Weekend Advertiser on July 13, 2014