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3rdEid_MubarakD1Eid is around the corner and it is time to start thinking about which desserts will grace your trolley on the big day. Besides the traditional sheer khurma, why not add a few Western style cakes and pastries to ensure that your guests enjoy the best of east and west?

Here are some easy desserts for Eid:

Sheet cakes are all the rage right now, simply because they are so easy to make. Use your favourite cake recipe or buy a boxed mix and bake it in a rectangular (9 x 13 inch or larger) pan. Once the cake has cooled, slather on pre- or home-made frosting and decorate with fresh fruit, your favourite candy, biscuits or sprinkles. The options are endless.

Stuffed cookies are appearing on baking blogs around the world as an alternative twist to the simple cookie. Use a chocolate chip cookie dough recipe (there are plenty on the internet) and prepare the batter as instructed. Take your favourite chocolate bar or biscuit and use clean hands to mould the cookie dough around the chocolate or biscuit and bake. Wait for your guests’ reaction when they bite into the cookies and taste the sweet surprise.

Push-up pops are replacing cupcakes as the colourful and fun way to serve cake to children (and adults!). Although they require special push-up pop containers, these are easily available in Pakistan through baking suppliers on Facebook. The tubular transparent containers come with a plunger like device at the bottom. Pull the plunger down and stuff the tube with small discs of premade cake and frosting. Make as many layers as you like and add fruit, nuts and sprinkles. Arrange the pops upright in a large glass jar filled with chocolate chips or Smarties for added prettiness.

Eid mubarak everyone!

– Marylou Andrew

First published in the Adbuzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on July 27, 2014.