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Selfies have become all the rage since Ellen DeGeneres rounded up 10 of Hollywood’s biggest stars for an ‘impromptu’ photograph – taken by Bradley Cooper at this year’s Academy Awards – creating the most re-tweeted and shared selfie of all time.

If you are among the millions who have succumbed to selfie fever, then you should acquire a selfie stick, which are easily available at online stores across Pakistan. 

Factor in the following before you buy a selfie stick:

  • Two types of selfie sticks are available: handheld-monopods on which your smartphones are mounted – these require you to press a button (located at the end of the stick) to take a photo – and wireless, automatic ones in which you have shutter control through a remote. When buying an automated stick, ensure that a compatible version of the shutter control app (which you can download) is available for your smartphone.
  • Standard features include pairing power with other smart devices, timer delay and focus control.
  • Look for selfie sticks made out of carbon fibre, as these are the lightest and therefore the easiest to use. Selfie sticks made with heavier material – such as aluminium and plastic – can exert a pressure of up to seven kilogrammes on your arm, making it difficult to take photos.
  • Keep in mind that some selfie sticks mount your phone at a very low angle, due to which the stick appears in the photographs, so avoid buying these.
  • Opt for selfie sticks that are compact enough to fit in your handbag or briefcase, but long enough when extended, so that your mobile is at least a foot away from your body; this prevents the fish-eye lens effect occurring in your photos, while allowing you to squeeze in more people in one frame to take group ‘welfies’.
  • Prices range between Rs 1,000 to 5,000, depending on specifications and features.

– Syed Wajeeh-ul-Hassan Naqvi

First published in the ADBUZZZZ Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on December 7, 2014.