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Car love

While a man’s love for a woman has long inspired prose, poetry and has led to at least one war, the trusty automobile comes a distant second with at least one song by the legendary rock band Queen. Although both the Alfa Romeo and the Triumph TR4 claim to have inspired the iconic song, I am in love with my car, the relationship between a man and his car is a long cherished union.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, show some loving not just to that special someone, but to your car as well for having maintained the momentum and logistics in all your relationships.

1. Come clean. Take your car to the body-shop to get rid of nicks, dings and dents. From a fresh coat of paint to heavy waxing and polishing, make sure your car looks as good as you feel.

2. Give it a makeover. Buy new seat covers, have the upholstery vacuumed, accessorise the interiors and add matching floor mats; go all out with shiny rims and radial tyres to match. You will be surprised at the effect. AV equipment for cars is cheaper than ever before. Set the mood with a system that adds to the ambience with woofers, tweeters and whatever else catches your fancy.

3. Go therapeutic. The value of a well-timed tune-up, oil change and fluid top-up cannot be over stressed. Break out the lubricant bottles to make this a memorable Valentine’s.

4. Scent-sationalise. Buy fragrant air-fresheners to clean up the stale air, so you can breathe easy as you drive.

5. Treat her right. Now that you have spent time, money and energy getting the basics right, be gentlemanly and let your conduct show. Drive safely, improve your behaviour on the road and you will ride into the sunset for a happily ever after.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

 – Tariq Ziad Khan

First published in the Aduzzzzz Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on February 9, 2014.