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iconIf you are serious about Valentine’s Day, consider heading to Zamzama, whether it is to prepare for the day by looking good and buying presents for loved ones, or to celebrate it by dining in style.

Looking good… Zamzama is dotted with several high-end salons for women and men where you can get a hair-cut, a massage, a facial or a mani-pedi and ensure you look your best. Most salons offer Valentine’s Day deals, providing premium services such as chocolate facials and hair treatments at a bargain, so look out for them.


There are plenty of florists at Zamzama

Flowers and gifts… Whether you are looking for roses, lilies or sunflowers, you can find them all at one of the many florists that line the boulevard. And while there, make sure to stop at one of the gift shops there where you will find Valentine baskets filled with chocolates, teddy bears, embossed cushions, jewellery and engraved trinkets.


There is no shortage of restaurants at Zamzama

Fine dining and desserts… The tantalising aroma of desserts at numerous bakeries will invariably draw you in; there you will find the perfect sweet treats for your sweet, from Valentine marble cakes and pastries to colourfully packaged gourmet chocolates. As far as planning a night out on Valentine’s Day is concerned, if you are on a budget, opt for dinner at one of the cafés there; and if fine dining is what you are planning, there is no shortage of restaurants to dine in style. Just remember to make your reservations now!


You can shop till you drop

The real estate take… A primarily commercial area, Zamzama is almost completely built-up. Commercial property options include standalone shops, offices and retail space in low-rise buildings. Residential property options include apartments, many of which provide retail space on the ground floor. Commercial property prices increase by almost 45% annually and property is in high demand.

In a nutshell… With a wide range of dining, shopping and recreational options, let Zamzama be your destination of choice on Valentine’s Day.

– Sadia Kamran

Photos: Mohommad Ali/White Star

First published in the Real Estate Section of the DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on February 8, 2015.