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Gorakhnath Temple is shaded by peepal trees

Gorakhnath Temple is shaded by peepal trees

With Holi being celebrated on March 6, it is the ideal time to pay homage to the famous Gorakhnath Temple which is located in Gor Khatri, a compound in Peshawar’s Walled City, which is steeped in history.

Holi and History… During Holi, the temple, which is white in colour and shaded by peepal trees, is adorned with fairy lights, and men, women and children can be seen spraying coloured powder and water on each other after special prayers have been offered.The interior of the famous Sethi House, which was built in 1884

The interior of the famous Sethi House, which was built in 1884

The famous Peshawar Museum

The famous Peshawar Museum

Steeped in history… Gor Khatri dates to the early 1800s; a Mughal Caravanserai is located within its periphery, believed to have been established by the Mughal Princess Jehan Ara Begum, the daughter of Emperor Shah Jehan. Several attractions – including the impressive Peshawar Museum which dates to the early 1900s and the famous Sethi House Museum, which was reopened recently – are located nearby.

Of copper teapots and snazzy mobile phones… Peshawar’s Walled City is dotted with colourful bazaars, including Bazaar Kalaan, Clock Tower and Meena Bazar. There you can find antiques, handicrafts such as copper oil lamps and teapots, reams of fabric, electronic appliances and mobile phones. Several well-known eateries have a presence there, offering traditional Peshawari food including mouth-watering chapli kababs, qeema kababs, tikka karahi and charsi tikka. The famed Namak Mandi is nearby.

The real estate take… Commercial property near Gor Khatri is among the most expensive in Peshawar. Property options include standalone shops and retail space on the ground floors of low-rise residential buildings. Property is in high demand; prices and rentals have increased by approximately 30% in the last five years.

In a nutshell… Bustling bazaars, delicious food, and historic sites – particularly the Gorakhnath Temple – make Gor Khatri well-worth a visit, especially during Holi.

– Nimrah Butt

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on March 1, 2015.