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The Gurdwara’s dome seen in juxtaposition with the minaret of the Badshahi Mosque

Pakistan Day will be observed tomorrow and as part of the celebrations, parades will be held throughout the country. In Lahore, one of the most colourful parades will pass through Circular Road, where many of the city’s best known historic landmarks are located.

Old city life… In addition to tourist attractions such as Allama Iqbal’s tomb, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort and Minar-e-Pakistan (where the Lahore Resolution was passed), several havelis line Circular Road. Lesser known attractions include the tomb of Hafiz Jalandhri, the renowned poet and writer (who wrote Pakistan’s national anthem) and the Dehra Sahib Sri Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara – a Sikh temple that houses Ranjit Singh’s tomb.

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The Badshahi Mosque was built in 1673


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Devotees entering the Dehra Sahib Sri Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara

The famous 13… Many of the 13 gates that lead to Lahore’s Walled City are on Circular Road. These include Delhi, Lahori, Mochi and Shah Alam. While they no longer exhibit their past glory, they are integral to Lahore’s rich cultural heritage. Several of Lahore’s popular bazaars are located nearby, where myriad items, including handicrafts, dried fruit, kites, chappals and fireworks can be sourced. The new revamped Food Street is a major attraction; foodie treats include halwa puri, naan kahtai, nihari, payas and sweetmeats.

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Handicrafts in the Walled City

The real estate take… Due to the prime location, property on Circular Road is classified as premium. Commercial property options include standalone shops and retail space in low-rise buildings and ground floors of apartment buildings. Residential property options are primarily restricted to apartments, although several large houses can be also be found, many of which have been demolished to make way for apartments and commercial buildings. Property values have increased by 15 to 20% in the last two years and rentals by 20 to 35%.

In a nutshell… With impressive monuments that have withstood the passage of time, be it a Sikh temple, a mosque or a fort, colourful and historic bazaars, not to mention the best of Pakistani cuisine, Circular Road reflects Pakistan’s diverse cultural heritage.

– Moneeza Burney