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According to a recent research study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), organisations in developing countries – including Pakistan – need to restructure their organisational framework and culture if they want to increase their efficiency, productivity and profit margins.

If you are a Line Manager, factor in the following to achieve these objectives:

1. Link employee goals with organisational milestones. You will have an engaged and happy workforce if individual and organisational goals and values are aligned, especially when it comes to decision making, problem-solving and long-term strategic planning. Employees develop a sense of ownership and belonging towards their department and/or organisation when their talent and work are recognised and their feedback is taken into consideration during decision-making.

2. Develop principle-based policies. Having your employees’ and organisation’s values aligned is not enough to achieve strategic objectives; it is equally important to outline desired work practices, encourage ethical decision making and communicate clearly that profit maximisation or advancing one’s own career by using unethical means is unacceptable. Ensure that your policies reflect the principles considered important by the executive management. Some organisations emphasise project completion as opposed to stringent punctuality; in such cases, ensure that telecommuting and flexible work hours are part of your policy manual.

3. Embody principles in your actions. Once you have the appropriate policy framework in place, ensure that every employee is made aware of them through orientation sessions, training programmes and on-the-job mentoring and coaching. Follow this up by linking benefits and rewards to desired behaviours; these can be either intrinsic (appreciation for work), extrinsic (a salary increment) or a combination. Specify clearly the legal recourse that will be taken against violators – which can include a warning letter for a minor indiscretion, or termination for serious offences.

– Zeeshan Lakhpaty
The writer is a corporate trainer and international speaker. zeeshan@peopleexcellence.biz