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The Korang River as it passes through the Lohi Bhair Wildlife Park

The Korang River as it passes through the Lohi Bhair Wildlife Park

The last decade has witnessed Korang Town’s evolution from a quaint residential area into one of the most well developed and green neighbourhoods in the twin cities.Korang Town is one of Rawalpindi’s greenest neighbourhoods

Korang Town is one of Rawalpindi’s greenest neighbourhoods

A picturesque neighbourhood… Located on the picturesque banks of the Korang River and far from the bustle of city life, Korang Town, with its tree-lined roads and houses with terraced gardens, offers the perfect mix of peaceful living, while allowing residents easy access to Rawalpindi’s city centre via the Islamabad Highway. If you stroll around the neighbourhood, you will find several play areas for children, as well as paved walking and jogging tracks to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Peacocks enjoying their natural habitat

Peacocks enjoying their natural habitat

Plenty of green spaces… Korang Town’s claim to fame is the nearby Lohi Bhair Wildlife Park. Spread across approximately 687 acres, the Park is the go-to place for a jungle safari. While the main attraction is the Lion House, there are more than 250 species of birds and animals, including deer, leopards and peacocks in their natural habitat. The lesser-known, yet beautifully landscaped Safari Park nearby remains a popular recreational spot.

Foodie and shopping options… The Korang Town Market, housing several banks, grocery stores and pharmacies, caters to the everyday needs of residents. Korang Shopping Centre and the Taha Shopping Mall provide one-stop shopping solutions, offering branded clothes, electronic appliances as well as household and fashion accessories. Foodie options, however, are limited to desi cuisine.

The real estate take… Due to increasing demand for residential property, rentals and prices have appreciated by approximately 25% annually. Residential property options are primarily limited to houses; condominium-style apartment projects are underway and are expected to further boost property value. Commercial property options include standalone shops and retail space in commercial buildings.

In a nutshell… With its quintessential small-town charm, where unhurried conversations and leisurely strolls in a green setting are the norm, Korang Town is one of the most serene yet affordable neighbourhoods in Pakistan.

– Muhammad Waqas Ali Saif

First published in the Real Estate Section of The DAWN National Weekend Advertiser on April 19, 2015.